Why Every Investor in Hong Kong Need Corporate Services In Hong Kong

Why Every Investor in Hong Kong Need Corporate Services In Hong Kong

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For more than fifteen years, Hong Kong has stood out as an investment hub in the Far East and entire Globe. International organizations such as World Bank have consistently ranked the jurisdiction top in the ease of doing business index. What this means is that from registration to business expansion, investors find it relatively easy to catapult their enterprises to international status.

While World Bank is correct with the notion that Hong Kong stands out, the reality is that investors still need to do a lot to get their businesses on feet and growing. For example, the investor has to source for funds, register the business, and market it to start growing. A better method to achieve faster growth is seeking help from a corporate services provider. Here are some of the main reasons why you need the corporate services.

Registering a limited liability company in Hong Kong

While Companies Ordinance has made the process of registering a new company seamless, it is still a herculean task when an entrepreneur has to travel all the way to Hong Kong. Experts agree that a lot of resources are required, and the investor should be allowed to focus on sourcing capital as opposed to regularly hoping to Hong Kong to present incorporation documents.

Corporate services are offered by professionals who have been in the Hong Kong environment for many years. The experts have been offering incorporation services and will assist you to prepare top-notch documents and company structure in record time. Simply save your time and resources and allow let the professionals assist you.

Assistance with early marketing and entry

Because of the ease of the high ease of doing business, a lot of investors have been moving to Hong Kong in the last decade. For new investors, this points at the possibility of meeting very stiff competition. This is why you require expert assistance.

Corporate services providers carry progressive market surveys and keep the data to assist new investors coming to Hong Kong. They have been in the market and seen it unfold to the current thrill. Therefore, getting their expert services will help you get the best entry strategy that will fire the business to success.

Demonstrating tax substance

One of the main targets of going to Hong Kong is to take advantage of the rich market that is China and the Far East. Hong Kong has signed many Double Tax Agreements (DTAs) with its neighbors to help its enterprises grow faster. However, the administration insists that you have to demonstrate tax substance before being allowed to take advantage of these DTAs.

Working with corporate services helps businesses to understand what tax substance is and how to demonstrate it. They assist you to restructure the services and ensure that the Hong Kong administration can appreciate your input towards the economy.  The expert assistance will ensure you get the tax resident certificate, identify all the tax benefits to expect and optimize the DTAs for faster business growth.





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